Thursday, February 17, 2005

Coulterkampf #5

Churchill’s been punished
by well-known people because
he smokes. Oh shut up.

Churchill was supposed
to search for combat teams, not
that Galileo

Churchill, talentless
and incompetent, at risk
because of Swiss cheese

Churchill poses by
the crackpots—so enamored
they make women cry

Churchill, why is it
men run? The whole idea
is very “2 plus 2”

Churchill, David, and
Jimmy grasp the current state
of little bright lines

Churchill, admitting
we are almost nothing to
the facts of disease

Churchill continued to
believe casino-blanket
camp mechanisms

Churchill cited Andy,
denied calling the army
little red herrings

Churchill has nothing.
A deus ex machina
for, of, toward, blah, blah…

Churchill is paid to end
knowledge in addition to
higher education

Haiku created from Ann Coulter's February 17 column.


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