Monday, February 14, 2005

Coulterkampf #4

Churchill could give a
kiss on behalf of con men--
a crucial factor

Churchill already
has gone from being the chief
to anti-teepee

Churchill won't give you
credulous proponents of
other subtle clues

Churchill bought a white
poodle and never answered
the news magazine

Churchill hoodwinked some
books big-time; soon thereafter,
paintings of Elvis

Churchill forced his art
to confirm a series of
little memberships

Churchill is not in
the process; his phony “good
day” will answer that

Churchill’s souvenir
was apparently something
broken by The Man

Churchill was to stop
that verification; guess
what that means, readers?

Churchill met one of
the “witnesses” under tales
of “velvet combat”

Churchill, by his own
claim, is in a recent hell;
end of sad story

Churchill's unit is
central to his career—just
like his terror quotes

Churchill had simply
blurted out, “I never say
‘tommyhawk payback’”

Churchill revealed his
need to argue math, only
if against one-eighth

Haiku created from Ann Coulter's Feb. 9 column.


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