Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Coulterkampf #9

The aging porn star
said she’d bend over just for
laughs: it’s movie night.

He rents what kind of
videos? Best for the job:
hot-blooded, steamed.

Consequently, my
dreams of oral sex will be
a fitting tribute.

I mean, joke about
the idea to invade
the bush and G-spot.

The facts: blown only
once, has eight condoms, has an
opening. That’s it.

I’m preoccupied:
(1) a woman, (2) a secret life—
doesn’t have to be.

What would porn stars do?—
Remain skeptical, that’s what
they typically do.

Totally nuts—I
inadvertently stepped on
a massive condom.

Perhaps Anita
also: based on sexual
guidelines, she’s too much.

Haiku created from Ann Coulter's September 21 column.