Friday, December 17, 2004


Let me kind of step back in general. I might hide in caves. This is just a part of analyzing, and that's good as well. I look forward again, I repeat, yeah. Right. We gave it a strategic look, big-picture capacities. Now look, I look forward and I look forward. One that will help a dangerous world where I'm coming from, a dangerous world. I wish it wasn't here. Again, I wish it wasn't true: the world the way it is. I mean, I'd be glad to visit. Listen, let me, first of all. I strongly believe on a regular basis. I can make extraordinary cooperation. As you know. Right. The danger out in the public is that I receive fear. People saying I need honest gentlemen and a full analysis against the context of place. Perhaps. Optimism may be the best way. We're doing a pretty good job of dismantling my speeches. That's the truth. Sure, sure. First of all, I expected this desk. I based my years, not only upon the context. In other words and therefore, every potential context, obviously. In other words, we remembered, which meant we knew we knew other words. That was the intelligence. Now, let me, which is vital. And so we found the theories as to where we entered and we'll find out. Let me finish the American people by quoting other words. Because I don't think the best, I believe it. They become my language, because a shadowy intelligence can't say, "Let's don't deal, let's hope, let's let me take a step back for a second."

Created from a transcript of Tim Russert's February 7, 2004, interview with George W. Bush broadcast on NBC'S "Meet the Press," Sunday, February 8, 2004. All words are Mr. Bush's.


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